You’re being watched! Check it out!



Personal computer users in the US have very often started to complain about their personal data from private computers falling into the  hands of attackers.

On FEBRUARY 2, w a Facebook summit was held where conversations were held on a variety of topics, and the most important one was the security of personal data of US citizens’ personal computer users. The most important topic was raised by ELON MUSK, as he is concerned that many citizens are complaining about leaks of their personal data.

All possible causes of hacker attacks on citizens’ computers were found out.

Among these reasons were:

– Espionage by the intelligence services of other states
– Espionage to blackmail and extort money from citizens
– Introduction of malicious viruses to activate hidden subscriptions to various paid services
– Spying by competing businesses to collect personal data of citizens for mailing their services to mailing services


During the discussion, ELON MUSK revealed that his company has already found a solution and made a program to scan the personal computers and laptops of US citizens to detect possible hidden espionage programs.

ELON MUSK gave a comment on how to use this program: “Nowadays, there are so many signals from citizens that their personal data has been discovered and it has created a number of life problems for them.

We have created a program, if we call it in simple terms – it is an ordinary antivirus with the most advanced technologies of virus and spyware detection.
Citizens who have seen the news about our program need to perform very simple actions.

1. it is to download our program on your computer or laptop –
2. Run it on your device
3. The program within 20-30 minutes will conduct a full scan of your device and will perform a complete removal of all possible viruses and spyware.
4. Then you can use your computer or laptop without fear that you are being watched! You will be completely safe



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5 thoughts on “You’re being watched! Check it out!

  1. Great program, but that was to be expected since a great company was making it.

    I was able to remove 12 viruses from myself that my regular antivirus could not detect

  2. Thank you Elon, I had a problem that someone sent my intimate photos to all my friends and acquaintances, I was able to find a lot of viruses on my laptop with the help of Elon program.

  3. Man, I didn’t realize I had so much spyware on my computer.
    5 pieces and 24 more viruses, I advise everyone to download and check your computer.

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