Biden praises efforts that have started to help some people leave Gaza


NORTHFIELD, Minn. — President Joe Biden cheered regional partners for their help paving the way for some wounded Palestinians and foreign nationals, including some U.S. citizens, to escape Gaza.

“I personally spent a lot of time speaking with Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel and President Sissi of Egypt and others, to make sure that we could open this access for people to get out,” Biden said during a visit Wednesday to Northfield, Minnesota. “I want to thank our partners, in particular Qatar, who worked so closely with us to support negotiations to facilitate the departure of these citizens.”

Live updates: What’s happening in the Israel-Hamas war as some foreign nationals and Palestinians leave Gaza

Biden said more work needs to be done to “significantly step up the flow of critical humanitarian assistance into Gaza.”

Biden reiterated that he backs Israel’s right to defend itself “in a manner that is consistent with international humanitarian law.” But he also acknowledged the suffering endured by Palestinians during the Israeli operations.

“We’ve all seen the devastating images from Gaza,” Biden noted. “Palestinian children crying out for lost parents … writing on their hands and legs to be indemnified if the worst happens.”

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